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Fighting towards and against everything,
Wanting at all costs to remember...
That the best is to come...
Nothing is ever lost !
Nothing is ever won !
To rekindle that flame which pushes us day after day...

Like the phoenix which rises from its ashes
Making that sacred fire sparkle again,
Continuing whithout knowing why, but continuing !

Time is going by and everything tires me out...
Faced with the elements..., life..., death...
An endless struggle...
But don't let things get us down
A brighter future will come
So that everyone finds that tiny spark...

No, no and no, I didn't things in that way
Tell me, old man !
Would you have lied to me ?
The future seemed more promising
I have a bad feeling
Unpleasant sensations !
As if nothing was any longer like before !

You only believe what you see
I didn't promise you anything !
You hide your face
i laugh at your stupidity
Each time the same mistakes
I'm unable to understand
Your cupidity will ruin you

Everything is put to fire and the sword
The crowd is muttering and tempers are rising
Lass and less feelings
The earth hasn't got much time
Fire is burning inside...

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