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[music by Lord of Sorrow; lyrics by Prince of Agony]

Once there was
A waste of ice
Where Kadath rested
With its towers

Once there was
An ancient king
Whose emblems were
13 globes

Lost in times
Forgotten by mankind
The King has hide
His dark globes

"I miss You,
Oh, my King,
Where is your land?
Where are your globes?"

"Beyond the highlands of Leng, beyond the Mountains of Madness, along
the great waste of ice, there lie the ruins of the unknown Kadath,
surrounded by the great walls of gore, with its dark towers that strike
the stars, there lies the Abominion, gate to the Abyss of the Outer Spaces,
there (He) lies in the sleep of death, dreaming the triumph of his revenge,
but one day even the death will die..."

"There the globes rest,
Keys to their King,
the mighty Yugsuduk,
Convex gate to the Outer Spaces."

He wrote
"Unleash me!"
On his stone.

Where is it?
Where are you?

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