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(D'Orlando / Cecconi)

Live for the moment
Past is gone
Forever lost
Like rain and tears
Live for the torment
Futile need
To know why
Time is coming close
Infinite lost soul..

I'm perfect imitation of creators' imperfection
Finite incarnation of ambitious human genius
I'm the mechanic dream come true
If evidence and measure I'm allowed to understand
Questioning existence is the logic forward step
I'm the mechanic dream come true

I'm infinite machine
Is it what life it's all about?
To be alive, afraid to die
Infinite machine
Is it the way of all things?
Stop functioning
Stop feeling I live
If you could see what my eyes have seen
Off the shoulder of Orion

Who will see the future if creators have been made to die
Lost I drift in space and time my mind unable to comply
I'm generations' dream come true
What is on creators' mind is to remain a mystery
Power to breathe life into dead matter shaping minions?
I'm the satanic dream come true

I'm Infinite machine
Is it what life it's all about?
To be alive
Afraid to die
Infinite machine
The wish of all that lives
If you could see what my eyes have seen
Infinite felt my heart of machine

Am I alive or am I nothing?
Just a puppet suffering
For what I cannot know
Infinite lost soul

My functioning is fixed and set
Death clock set precise the date
Why my mind extends beyond
The future and the past
To things that are not set
To uncountable unknown unfixed dates..
Creators are imperfect machines.
(Once I was a dream)
Creators are imperfect machines.
(Now I'm machine)
Creators are imperfect machines.

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