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i've got this vampire
sucking blood from my brain
these demons in my soul
driving me insane
hear my call for aid
i've been betrayed
by my mind and soul
i've lost control

give me my medication

got problems, no secrets
it's lowlife i'm living
have nowhere to turn to
no-one to talk to
need someone near
i trembling with fear
need something to calm me
heal me, help me

give me my medication

picture this, this unamusing amusement-park
picture me climbing to the top
of the highest attraction
then gliding, sliding, coming down fast
heading for the unavoidable catastrophe
going for a vacation in the belly of the whale
in the belly of the whale
i need to escape this rollercoaster-asylum
for former people and pets
giant pets with fur of artificial materials
and former people
with surgically enlarged bodyparts
personalities labelled with
the transglobal company logo and plastic skin
though i didn't mean to
i accidentally puked one of them in the face
he got mad
it turned out to be the most fun i've had in years
but good times never last
seconds later i tripped
and fell back into my hole
and i've been there ever since
i've been there ever since

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