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Salute the men in blue who protect your life and mine
Night stick swinging closet sadomasochistic swine
Where were you on the day our childhood died
Were you polishing your guns?
Looks like you weren't the only ones

You say you come in peace
We say peace minus one
Peace minus one
We say make war, fuck love
A salute to the fallen youth who have died on the cross of our neglect
Programmed and desensitized to kill all the reject
And the news shows the clip a thousand times
And still has the balls to ask the question why
To serve and to protect
you say you come in peace
Destroy our self respect
we say peace minus one
To rape and to degrade
peace minus one
Run from the war you've made
We say make war fuck love
We say peace minus one
Fourteen year olds have guns
They say make war fuck love

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