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What, WHAT! what the fuck.Alright NOW, Fuckin' greedy mother fucker
(Violent J)
Let me out this dirty attic, Clean the cobwebs out my attic.(repeat)
(shaggy 2 Dope)
Cold sweats shake em' off. I'm dry heaving chokin' on blood clots.
Hallucinations are comming to
real life. Reflections of my face in the back of a butcher knife. Time
after time in the middle
of the night, I stare at the ceiling but I lose sight. I said my prayers
and I tuck myself in
tight. My bed still shakes somethin' ain't right oh shit its clogged I tend
to forget
It's way past midnight and he ain't ape yet. No way dick I am almost outta
pills and you already
went through my last three refills. Don't tell me what to do bitch I am on
it. I still got
that rubber mask in the closet. Good he's straight, that's just fine..But
what the fuck Im
sposed to do in the mean time.
CHORUS--Break me of this dirty habit, clean the cobwebs out my
Coffee shop opens I am already in the corner, sippin' my latte, with
crushed up Zoloft powder.
I've been up for days I barely see through the crusted infest in my eyes my
skins pale and
flush. The only moments in my life I recall being happy rep' the hotties
tap a little nappy
Insanity is setup all try to catch me. my walls came crumblin' realities
Everywhere I look there is no sign of my soul, so my sights is set to fill
that empty hole.
Thats where he comes in yeah him again.Claud mastered the art of body
disposaling. he don't
want shit but just a little snack his belly gets full and me, I get my life
So hopefully today like all the years past I picked the right guy and then
You, you, you, its always about you. not this time...NOT THIS TIME!! This
time its about ME
Medications wearin' off I hear sirens yellin' in loud speakers and
screechin' tires
Quite playin' Claud(?) I ain't fuckin' around a billy club bounced off my
head and laid me out
a week must have passed hmmm I suppose. I am in a dang guys padded room
with no clothes
shackled to the floor you call this the bone this might be hell to you but
I am right at home!
CHORUS(same as above with shaggy in background yelling I'M RIGHT AT HOME!!)

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